Catalan Advetsiting Psoter "AUTOPARK Coves del Drac"

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Wonderful Catalan travel advertisement from the 1930s. The poster advertise an amusement park with an image of a lady witch holding a crystal ball and a wand, and her a red dragon at her feet. the Catalan caption reads "fantastic rides Coves del Drac (The Ghost Train) Racetrack: Laberinte and many others." The original caption: "Fantastiques i Emocionants Atraccions Coves del Drac (el Tren Fantasma) Autodrom: Laberinte i Moltes Altres."

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    39.4X26.8 (inches), 100x68 (cm)

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    Very good. A-

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Sold on July 29, 2015