Original Vintage French Poster for "Calvin Klein One" Fragrance

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Dear buyer, Before you decide to buy this poster, please read the following important massage: We are offering this poster the way it was created in the first place. Of course, during the years, some tears or small pieces of the poster are missing. When we say that a poster is A- it will definitely meet the level of A- and in many cases even better, so small tears, creases, or missing small paper around the corners are considered minor defects that could be easily taken care of when linen backing. When we say B and B+ it still means that the poster could be reached at a higher level but because of the defects are still there we gave the poster a lower value. But as long as colors are fresh and big pieces of paper aren't missing we will call it B to B+. Only when the poster is in bad condition and there are only few in our collection we will grade them as B- to C+.

  • Material:

    On paper. Needs linen backing.

  • Size:

    35X22 (inches), 89x56 (cm)

  • Artist:


  • Year:

    Ca 2000

  • Condition:


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