Original Vintage Italian Propaganda Poster for "Congresso di Parigi" 1950's-60's

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A brutal propaganda poster for the "Congresso di Parigi" or the Congress of Paris. Depicted here is a round table where the congress took place. On the table lies a white dove - a symbol of pieces, having a fork stuck in its belly. The message is self explanatory. The Paris Congress met in the French capital from 25 February to 16 April 1856 in order to restore peace after the Crimean War , fought victoriously from Turkey , France , Great Britain and the Kingdom of Sardinia against Russia . established the Congress' autonomy of Moldavia and Wallachia , which travel from the protectorate Russian, remained formally in the ' Ottoman Empire , which was also guaranteed the territorial integrity. The Congress of Paris. The first delegate to the left is Cavour ( Kingdom of Sardinia ), the third Buol-Schauenstein ( Austria ). Seated, from left, Orlov ( Russia ) and, beyond the table, Manteuffel ( Prussia ); on the other side of the table Walewski ( France ), Clarendon ( Great Britain ) and Aali [1] ( Ottoman Empire ). The last character on the right standing is the ambassador of Piedmont Villamarina [2] . Dispose the demilitarization of the Black Sea and the sale by Russia in the area of the mouth of the Danube ( Bessarabia South) to Moldova. Bring the decline of Russian power in Europe and the rise of France's leading power on the continent. The Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Sardinia, Cavour obtained that for the first time in an international venue you would put the Italian question. The results of the Congress formed the Treaty of Paris .

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    39.4X27.6 (inches), 100x70 (cm)

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    Very Good. A- small tears along borders

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