Original Giclee Print Signed and Numbered By Ferjo 96/350 "Room With a Chair"

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Theo was born in Israel of Lithuanian parents. Before he turned seven, his family moved to Paris due to financial difficulties. In Paris, Theo felt like a fish out of water. He didn´t quite fit in.Between the years of 1942 and 1944, the Germans occupied Paris . He and his family were forced to live in solitary confinement with the constant fear of being discovered. The only things that kept Theo sane were his books and his drawings. By the time it was safe to come out of hiding, he had quite a portfolio put together.He attributes his works to his real life experiences. He believes that because of these experiences, he has reached a place of perfect contentment and harmony. This is apparent in his works through the use of colors and textures.In 1950 Theo moved to Nice where he continued to paint. He had his first exhibition at the Palais de le Mediterranee in 1961 where he also won the grand prize. This helped him to make the decision to quit his other career and devote his time entirely to art. Published by Queen Art publishers that were representing Ferjo for many years.

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    39.4X29.5 (inches), 100x75 (cm)

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  • Markings:

    Signed and numbered by the artist 96/350

  • Condition:

    Good. A- Small scratch in the middle, and a few scratches on the lower left side - next to the edition number. SOLD AS IS. Stretched.

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Sold on February 14, 2017