Original Oil on Canvas of "Mea Shearim" in Jerusalem. RARE by Heddy Kun, 1967

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This rare painting from 1967 depicts the ultra orthodox neighbourhood of Mea Shearim in Jerusalem.

Heddy Kun is an Israeli painter, born in Zagreb in 1936. During the war she managed to escape to Budapest to live with her grandmothers which eventually saved her from a guaranteed death similar to her family who all died in the gas chambers. After studying in the Budapest Academy of Art, she emigrated to Israel in 1956. Kun has had numerous exhibitions in Israel and throughout the world including places like, New York, London, Budapest, Sydney, Amsterdam, Paris, Berlin, Toronto, Rome and Brussels. Her paintings are a relationship and a bridge between realism and impressionism. The changing light and the way the sun affects the painted object be it mountain scape, stormy sea or a door are achieved by short and strong brush strokes.

  • Material:

    Oil on canvas

  • Size:

    21.3X25.2 (inches), 54x64 (cm)

  • Artist:

    Heddy Kun

  • Markings:


  • Condition:

    Very good. A- has been restored for two pin holes

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