Original Signed Lithograph Abstract Art Landscape - Donna Levingstone 1987

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Levinstones' landscapes concern themselves more with a spirit of place than an actual place. They don't describe a specific location or place as much as they strive to create an essence of light and atmosphere.Her works are centered around the relationships between tranquility and volatility; ethereal and the earthly, light and dark, and night and day. Through the reflected light in her atmospheric drawings,she invites the viewer to explore the duality of what is permanent in our world and what is everchanging in it.

  • Size:

    13X11 (inches), 33x28 (cm)

  • Artist:


  • Year:


  • Markings:

    Pencil-signed and dated 1987

  • Condition:


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Sold on July 29, 2015