French Lithograph ;Les Affiches Illustrees, Chaix, Paris

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This beautiful lithograph by Metivet advertised a performance by the famous French singer Eugénie Buffet (1866–1934), who rose to fame in France just prior to World War I. She has been called one of the first, if not the first,performer of the chanson réaliste genre. She became a national sensation in France, performing in the fashionable cafés-concerts of Paris as well as embarking on both national and international tours. Lucien Métivet (Lucien Marie François Métivet) was a French poster artist, cartoonist, illustrator, and author who achieved notoriety during the Belle Epoque. Best known for his 1893 poster of the chanteuse Eugénie Buffet, he was also a popular cover artist for the Parisian humor magazine Le Rire and a frequent contributor of cartoons and illustrations to it and other magazines. He illustrated books by a number of prominent authors of the time and wrote at least two books of his own. Métivet was "a master in caricature, humorous illustration and lithographic techniques" who became "one of the most prominent illustrators of the 19th century." “Les affiches illustrées” was printed in Paris by Imprimerie Chaix who also printed "Les Maitre de l'Affiche." Published in two bound volumes in 1886 and 1896 offering 84 lithograph plates including Cheret, Lautrec, Steinlen, Grasset, Mucha and others. The printing was limited to only 1025, making them very rare indeed.

  • Material:


  • Size:

    12.2X8.9 (inches), 31x22.5 (cm)

  • Artist:

    Lucien Métivet (Lucien Marie François Métivet). b. 1863

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  • Markings:

    Signed in the plate

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