Original Vintage French Poster for "Cozenot Arquebusier" Rifle Firearm by Jean A. Mercier 1927

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The arquebus (/ˈɑrkɨbʌs/ ark-ə-bus or /ˈɑrkwɨbʌs/ ar-kwə-bus) (sometimes spelled harquebus, harkbus or hackbut; Italian Archibugio, Dutch haakbus, meaning "hook gun"[1]), or "hook tube", is an early muzzle-loaded firearm used in the 15th to 17th centuries. It can be distinguished from its predecessor, the hand cannon, by the presence of a matchlock firing action. (Wiki)

  • Material:

    Linen backed

  • Size:

    47.2X31.5 (inches), 120x80 (cm)

  • Artist:

    Jean A. Mercier

  • Year:


  • Markings:

    Signed in the plate

  • Condition:

    Very Good. A-

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