French Student Revolution Poster "VEAUTEX"

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A Whimsical poster realized during the events of May 1968 in France. A group of electors is on its way to the polling station. Their leader is holding an envelope bearing the UDR – Union pour la Défense de la République – logo, while the electors aptly drawn as calves are urged to cast their vote. The word “calf” translates into French as “veau” and is used as a derogatory term to indicate someone is a dullard, fool or otherwise not particularly bright or sharp. Hence the play on words : “Veautez” ! pronounced as “Votez” (Vote).

  • Material:

    Linen backed

  • Size:

    39.8X25.2 (inches), 101x64 (cm)

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Sold on January 17, 2020