Original Vintage French Poster for "LE PHENIX" Assurances Insurance ca. 1900

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In 1819, as Charles Xavier Thomas , a former general storekeeper of the armies of Spain under the influence (opportunely rallied to the Bourbons in 1814), launched one of the first insurance companies in France in 1819 with a Switzerland, Jacob Dupan . The emblem chosen, an eagle with outspread wings burned by fire rising from the ashes, is particularly well chosen, although the symbol of the eagle, exiled to St. Helena is ambiguous? He defeated the Phoenix in 1829, and founded the company " The Sun "and" Eagle "which absorbed many other companies. So he built rue du Cardinal Fesch (44 rue deChateaudun today became the GAN) a large building to consolidate these companies. All buildings as well those of the Phoenix, which occupied the block occupying the Quadrangle rue Lafayette Street Victory rue Laffitte, was completely demolished it a few years ago, only a few walls and the remains of the hall Lafayette Street entrance have been preserved. The company Phoenix, gave birth to the group after the merger of the General Insurance of France in 1966 ....... The place on which is built the building is also full of history. It was the former luxury hotel that the Geneva banker Thelusson had built for his wife by the famous architect Claude-Nicolas Ledoux overlooking the rue d'Artois (now rue Laffitte) and occupied at the time the number 18 the Rue de Provence, itself the site of the great sewer covered from 1770 by the Farmer General Laborde , who had proptiétaire land. Read more at http://www.paperblog.fr/1623684/paris-disparu-la-compagnie-d-assurances-le-phenix-33-rue-lafayette/#pdA68KxddtOUH68K.99

  • Material:

    Linen backed

  • Size:

    78.7X51.2 (inches), 200x130 (cm)

  • Artist:


  • Year:

    ca. 1900

  • Markings:

    No visible markings

  • Condition:

    Very Good. A- Minor creases

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